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Our professional staff utilizes truck mounts for carpet cleaning as well as for stone, tile and grout cleaning. Your surfaces will be cared for using the best materials and chemicals in the industry. This includes micro-fiber wiping cloths, all green cleaning products, natural cleaning products, encapsulation carpet cleaning, penetrating stone sealers, and Buster Non-Slip Treatment.

A-Plus Kleaning understands that your building is unique and requires its own specialized cleaning program. Our management team will implement a Quality Control Program that we will specifically design for your property.

We take great pride in giving you the ultimate in janitorial cleaning. We use only the most effective cleaning agents and equipment to clean any room or surface. Contact us to learn about our 7-day janitorial program contracts. We'll ensure your commercial space is always looking its best to make the best impression on your visitors.

We offer services in the following broad categories

A-Plus Kleaning cleans away the hassle of Janitorial responsibility from your workload. We offer flexible scheduling and reminders so you can focus on your customers. 

 We have high customer satisfaction, we are efficient and have a handpicked crew of excellent people with excellent work ethic. 


This service provides daily duties such as mopping. It also can include Floor Stripping and Waxing. When the shine of a floor goes away often our service means the difference between paying a bill for a good strip and wax or paying the bill for a new floor. Over 25 years in the business provides with the knowledge needed to clean and maintain tricky circumstances. 


Tile & Grout cleaning is frustrating. It's grimy, takes a lot of muscle and even more patience. A-Plus Kleaning handles all of that for you. Our trained staff and specialized tools equip us to take a seemingly difficult job and turn it into a short project. A-Plus Kleaning also has staff trained to apply a special sealant that keeps your tiles shine protected longer. This sealant even comes with a five year warranty. 

We supply non-slip treatment for use on ceramic and quarry flooring tile as well as unsealed concrete.
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